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Monday, September 9, 2013

ThingLink: A new tool for marketing your business

It’s important for any business to keep up to date with social media trends and activities.  In a day, a once-popular website could be off the radar, and be rapidly replaced with a new trend.  While it’s not always possible to predict which social media websites will become popular, it never hurts explore up-and-coming, dynamic social platforms that you deem appropriate for your own business' audience.

What is ThingLink?

ThingLink is a new social-media site that incorporates the use of different features from other sites and merges them all together.  The basic idea of the site is the presentation of pictures.  This picture is then shared on a type of page that can be sorted based on popularity or categories.  This is much like Pinterest.  However, the concept doesn’t stop with just the pictures—it’s what is incorporated into the picture.  ThingLink has taken the idea of pictures and made them interactive.  Points can be selected on the pictures where notes can be added, or even a link to another website or a video.  Then the picture is sent out into the world.  This can be done just on the ThinkLink website, or by sharing it through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and many other sites.  People are then able to “touch” your photo, which is akin to a like on Facebook, or comment on it.   

How can your business use ThingLink?

ThingLink is unique in that it is very commonly used for marketing.  It is a great way to advertise a product or service without seeming like you’re being pushy.  The picture is something someone can glance at, and then if they wish to know more about it can do so instantaneously.  Facebook and Twitter, which are already big marketing tools, can be used in congruency with ThingLink, by sharing your ThinkLink creation on these social media sites.  Encouraging people to interact with your photo allows them to experience a new type of marketing as well as get to know your product better.  An interesting idea to even include with your photo is the link to your product listing on sites like Amazon or Ebay, where they can also get feedback from others who have been drawn by the same technique. 

What’s interesting about ThingLink is that while you can market in this way, ThingLink also allows you to see how your interactive photos are doing, so that you may learn how to improve.  ThingLink statistics for each photo you make public, including image statistics, tag statistics, and embeds statstics, making ThingLink a true marketing tool.

What do you think about ThingLink? Have you heard of any businesses leveraging this interesting social platform for their own marketing efforts? To learn more about using social media to propel your business reach and awareness, look to Pittsburgh's web design and internet marketing firm, Blue Archer.

Michelle Hawley
Digital Content Writer

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