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Thursday, August 4, 2011

AdWords Express for Local Online Advertising.

Google is constantly updating their advertising tools. They have just recently released a new version of AdWords that is targeted toward small businesses that only want to target a local market. For instance, this would work well for a local restaurant or doctor’s office. This version of AdWords is much simpler than the original version.

The original AdWords version takes a lot of time to set up and you have to closely monitor your campaigns. With AdWords Express, your campaign will be automatically managed for you. It will decide which search queries your ads should appear. These ads will appear on the top or right hand side of the search results web page and also appear as a blue push pin in Google Maps. Another reason this is so great for small local businesses is the fact that with AdWords Express, you don’t need to have a company website. As long as you have a free Google Places page, you can use this new version of AdWords. Also, AdWords Express will charge you per click, just as in the original version of AdWords.

AdWords Express not only simplifies the process of advertising online, it also allows local small businesses an easier way to reach out to potential customers. However, if you still think that running an AdWords campaign would be too difficult or time consuming, you can always reach out to an internet marketing company to help manage and run your advertisements online!

Kerianne Lawlor
Internet Marketing Consultant
Blue Archer

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