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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Website Usability Check

Take a step back and look at your website with a fresh perspective. Use this checklist to ask yourself some basic questions about your site and then forward this list to employees, friends, family and businesses with which you partner. The more people you survey who have never seen your website, the more varied and unbiased your responses will be.

1. What is the main message of your website?
2. Based on the language used on the website, what does your company do?
3. Are internal pages about your products or services easy to get to?
4. What action do you want site visitors to take on the website?
5. How does someone contact you? Is a phone number, address, email or contact form clearly visible?

You may also want to send a Five Second Test. This tool allows you to create your own free usability tests for your website.

As always, Blue Archer is available to assist you in ongoing changes to your website to improve website usability.

Jennifer Brant
Marketing Manager

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